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All the videos on respective channels are the property of m4ximized. Different parts of the video and it's content may be the property of different people or companies, but the material owned by their respective copyright holders may be used under the guidelines of the Fair Use provisions of United States Copyright Law.


Creating videos with the primary purpose of sharing them online may sound like a hobby for some, but the truth is there's more to it than that. Every week, videos are produced for the different channels at m4ximized which then receive over thousands of views. So what makes the videos so special?

By combining creativity, entertainment and knowledge, m4ximized invites the viewer to enjoy all of our production content. To achieve this requires creativity and a life-long passion to dedication but most of all, an honest communication with our viewers.


Our main goal at m4ximized, is to give the best possible viewer experience for online users by creating quality videos! In less than a year, m4ximized has received more than 10.000.000 hits from it's videos and an incredible 50.000 views daily.

BananaGaming which is our biggest channel, is one of the top 100 YouTube channels in Sweden and currently represents the fastest growing gaming channel at m4ximized. The channel focuses on the popular game franchise "Counter-Strike", developed by Valve Corporation.


maxim (at) m4ximized.net